Stroke 2018 | Vienna, Austria

Are you Interested? Stroke 2018 invites you to a great #platform to exhibit & showcase your skills & #research works to the world of #Neurology. Submit your #abstract and get chance to participate & update yourself by #attending this #great event @Vienna, Austria. #thegreatevent


Our Keynote Speaker | Stroke 2018

We welcome our #Keynote_speakers for the upcoming meeting on #Neurological Disorders & #Stroke is to be held in #Vienna #Austria on #October 22-23, 2018. Join us and Explore the Modern Techniques and Developments of #Neurological #Disorders & #Stroke. For more details: For Abstract Submission:

Stroke 2018 Invites you all

On behalf of Pulsus group, we are inviting all the participants from all over the world to attend our conference entitled “ 6th International Conference on Neurodegenerative Disorders and Stroke” to be held on October 22-23, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. Stroke 2018 has been planning and aiming to stimulate new techniques for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders and stroke that would be beneficial for the neurosurgery. The… Continue reading Stroke 2018 Invites you all

Preventive treatments for ischemic stroke | Stroke 2018

After emergency procedures, your doctor will evaluate the health of your arteries and determine what needs to be done to prevent another ischemic stroke. Lifestyle changes Post-stroke preventive measures mainly focus on improving cardiovascular health. This might mean lowering your blood pressure and managing your blood sugar and cholesterol, or lipid, levels. It’ll likely include a combination of exercise, a healthier diet,… Continue reading Preventive treatments for ischemic stroke | Stroke 2018

Complications associated with a massive stroke | Stroke 2018

Complications and resulting impairments become more serious depending on the severity of the stroke. Complications can include the following: paralysis difficulty swallowing or talking balance problems dizziness memory loss difficulty controlling emotions depression pain changes in behavior Rehabilitation services can help minimize complications and may include working with: a physical therapist to restore movement an… Continue reading Complications associated with a massive stroke | Stroke 2018